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Body-Sense – Bodynamic Therapy

Bodynamic Therapy

I offer a healing modality called Bodynamics. The fancy words describe it as a developmental, psycho-sensory, body cognitive therapy. In simpler terms it deals with how our early experience is encoded in the body, and that encoding can show up as a lack of resource in dealing with life and it’s complexities, especially from unprocessed trauma. Because  Bodynamics is a practice, I can apply it’s principals in many ways. Everyone’s situation is different. Some people ask for deep tissue work. Others, supportive touch. And some, no touch. All with a lot of time spent in bringing attention to emotions with their associated sensations.

The work is excellent for dealing with early, pre-verbal material that often is difficult to heal through talk therapy. Bodynamics uses a resource based model that allows us to work directly on the areas of your life you want to change.

For many people, the issues they have are related to abilities they either gave up or never learned. Once you learn these abilities at a body level, problems can start dissolving.

I have been studying Bodynamics for 19 years. I also have a background in healing through the occult and mystical traditions, with a lot of time spent finding out what aspects of metaphysics actually work. I am certified as a Bodynamics practitioner and currently practice in Berkeley.


$60 - $150 / hr. Sliding scale

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